Cheddar is back


Exciting News for Cheese Lovers! Introducing Our New Cheddar Creations: Cheddar Zinger Burger and Cheddar Fillet Burger!

We’ve heard your cravings loud and clear, and we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of two new mouthwatering delights to satisfy your cheesy desires – the Cheddar Zinger Burger and the Cheddar Fillet Burger.

Picture this: succulent KFC chicken paired with a melt-in-your-mouth cheddar patty, crisp lettuce, and a delightful sauce nestled between two perfectly toasted buns topped with sesame seeds. It’s a flavor explosion you won’t want to miss!

Cheddar Zinger Burger and Cheddar Fillet Burger are available as meals.

Visit your nearest KFC restaurant or order through Wolt app to embark on this epic taste adventure.

It’s not just a burger – it’s an experience!